Presentations on ICGT 2012

This year the Sixth International Conference on Graph Transformation - Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Structures (ICGT 2012), which is the biannual gathering of mathematicians and engineers forming the graph transformation research community, was hosted along with its satellite events between 24 and 29 September in Bremen, Germany.

Our research group was represented by two papers in the "Applications" track of the main conference, both of which was presented by Gábor Bergmann. The first article demonstrated solutions for various practical problems arising in efficient (incremental) graph transformation execution in relational databases. The second one addressed the efficient computation of transitive reachability, which often plays an important role in network, behavioural and hierarchical models.

Saturday's satellite event Fifth International Workshop on Petri Nets, Graph Transformation and other Concurrency Formalisms (PNGT 2012) featured Varró-Gyapay Szilvia presenting her research on graph transformation with time.

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