IncQuery and VIATRA at EclipseCon Europe 2015

This year, István Ráth and Ákos Horváth have attended EclipseCon Europe and represented our team. IncQuery and VIATRA have been featured in two talks:

  • "IoT Supercharged: Complex Event Processing for MQTT with Eclipse Technologies" (session, slides) - featuring a live demo squeezed into a 10 minute lightning talk - luckily everything worked like a charm :-) This talk is about VIATRA-CEP, a new, high-level framework for complex event processing over runtime models. CEP is a hot topic in IoT for obvious reasons: it is one of the key technologies you want to use to process data/event streams - preferably as close to the data source as possible. In an IoT context, this would typically mean your gateway - which is now possible via new technologies such as Eclipse Kura. VIATRA-CEP is part of our model transformation framework VIATRA, completely open source and licensed under the EPL.
  • "IncQuery gets Sirius: Faster and Better Diagrams" (session, slides, video). This talk is about a new innovation coming from the IncQuery team, namely the integration between EMF-IncQuery and Sirius. Once this is publicly released, you will be able to use IncQuery patterns in Odesign diagram definitions (next to the traditional options and the new AQL), and enjoy the performance benefits. Additionally, we also provide an integration with IncQuery Viewers, which allows you to define "live diagrams" that are synchronized to the semantic model automatically by incremental transformations.

Both talks were well received, we were asked quite a few interesting questions and even suggestions on future development ideas. The entire conference schedule was very strong this year, with hot topics such as the "IoT Day", "Project Quality Day", and the "LocationTech Day" that all provided high quality talks on interesting topics. Here are my favorite picks:

  • The first day keynote by Stefan Ferber of Bosch Software Innovations was one of the best keynotes I have seen at EclipseCons. It is good to see such a powerful entity joining the Eclipse ecosystem.
  • I really liked two Xtext talks: Business DSLs in Web Applications and The Future of Xtext. As both IncQuery and VIATRA rely on Xtext, it is good to see this framework moving ahead at such a high pace and quality.
  • GEF4 - Sightseeing Mars was one of the highlights of the Conference to me. I was very pleased to see such an important piece of technology gaining new momentum and fresh ideas. The demos were impressive too!
  • Processing GeoSpatial Data at Scale was very useful to anyone interested in this topic, as it provided a thorough overview of the domain, including challenges and technologies. Stay tuned for some new innovation coming from the IncQuery team in this area in the near future.
  • Finally, I'm very happy to see GS Collections joining the Eclipse family under the name Eclipse Collections framework. The talk was one of the best at the conference. In fact, we are planning to evaluate this technology for use in IncQuery, to optimize the memory footprint.

We would like to thank the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the MONDO and CONCERTO EU FP7 Projects, and IncQuery Labs Ltd. for supporting our talks at the EclipseCon Europe 2015 conference.