EMF-IncQuery 1.1.0 and VIATRA 0.8.0 released

The EMF-IncQuery project is happy to report that release 1.1.0 is now available with several new features, fixed bugs and support for the brand new Xtext 2.9. All downloads are available now from the Eclipse.org download servers or the Eclipse Marketplace. In addition, the VIATRA project has also published release 0.8.0 (downloads, Marketplace).

The most important highlights of this EMF-IncQuery release include (details):

  • compatibility with Xtext 2.9
  • improvements in the local search-based query evaluation engine
  • moved surrogate query support to the runtime
  • enhancements to the Maven builder
  • cleaned up exported dependencies related to Guava and Xtext
  • lots of various bug fixes (details)

The most important highlights of the VIATRA release include (details):

  • completely new MWE integration for defining heterogeneous model transformation chains
  • new default state encoder for VIATRA-DSE
  • redesigned compiler, check expression and traits support for VIATRA-CEP
  • lots of various bug fixes (details)

We encourage everyone to ask questions in the Eclipse Forums (EMF-IncQuery, VIATRA) - none will be left unanswered. Also, be sure to check out the CPS demonstrator that showcases many features of both tools.