VIATRA 1.5 released

The VIATRA project is happy to report that release 1.5.0 is now available with multiple new features and fixed bugs.

The most notable highlights of this VIATRA release include:

  • Model transformation debugger: This version greatly improved the model transformation debugger of VIATRA: now it is possible to debug transformations from other JVM instances.
  • Performance enhancements: Version 1.5 focused on query evaluation performance: various fixes aimed at reducing the memory requirements for Rete networks and improve the planning and execution time for the local search-based pattern matcher. In a complex proprietrary code base we measured a memory reduction of about 15-30%.
  • Query Language Updates: In version 1.5 the query language was extended with support for various number literals, e.g. long or float values.

For a more complete list of changes, see the dedicated New and noteworthy page, or have a look at the list of fixed issues.

All downloads are available now from the downloads area or the marketplace.

Feel free to reach out on the Eclipse Forums of VIATRA or the developer mailing list if you have questions, we will not leave any unanswered. You can also request industrial support for more advanced issues.