VIATRA 1.2 Released

The VIATRA project is happy to report that release 1.2.0 is now available with several new features and fixed bugs. As you might remember from our announcement earlier this year, VIATRA and EMF-IncQuery have been merged, in order to form (a now graduated) joint VIATRA project that includes both query and transformation-related functionality, in an integrated package. This 1.2.0 release marks the first stable release for the joint project, providing the following libraries:

  • Query: the pattern language, query editor, code generator and query evaluation runtime (previously known as EMF-IncQuery)
  • Transformation: the event-driven virtual machine, the internal transformation DSL and related development tools
  • CEP: the Complex Event Processing framework
  • DSE: the Design Space Exploration framework
  • Integration: GMF, Graphiti, MWE2, UML, MoDisco and Xcore integration features
  • Addon: frameworks that extend the core functionality, such as data binding support, validation, query-based derived features and the Viewers framework for on-the-fly model visualization
  • Model obfuscator: standalone tool for obfuscating EMF models

The most important highlights of this VIATRA release include (details):

All downloads are available now from the downloads area or the marketplace.

The industrial support behind the new VIATRA platform, as well as our dedication to answer any and all questions regarding our projects is stronger than ever, so feel free to reach out on the Eclipse Forums of VIATRA or the developer mailing list.