VIATRA 1.3 Released

The VIATRA project is happy to report that release 1.3.0 is now available with multiple new features and fixed bugs.

The most important highlights of this VIATRA release include (details):

  • Compatibility with Eclipse Neon and Xtext 2.10
  • Query by Example: A component to derive queries based on selected model elements. This feature should help to understand the basics of the VIATRA pattern language and/or the structure of the metamodels you work with.
  • Updated query and transformation development environment: The query development environment was updated to accommodate the various features developed over the years and provides a set of views to help query and transformation development.
  • Incremental Transformation Debugger: You can now monitor the execution of a VIATRA transformations using our new debugger.
  • lots of various bug fixes (details).

The following video compares the new user interface with the previous version:

All downloads are available now from the downloads area or the marketplace.

Feel free to reach out on the Eclipse Forums of VIATRA or the developer mailing list if you have questions, we will not leave any unanswered. You can also request industrial support for more advanced issues.