Dimitris Kolovos at IncQuery Labs Academy

IncQuery Labs Academy – an IT engineering professional educational platform – founded by IncQuery Labs Ltd. in April 2016. It aims to present our specializations most interesting and challenging projects, results and experiences. The presentations go around diverse topics in software development, validation and verification, model driven engineering, open-source technologies, etc.

IncQuery Labs Academy continues with a special speaker: Dimitris Kolovos, Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at the Department of Computer Science of the University of York, where he researches and teaches automated and model-driven software engineering. He is also an active Eclipse Foundation committer, leading the development of the open-source Epsilon platform under the Eclipse Modelling project.

His talks title: Model-Based Engineering in Industry: An Academic Toolsmith's Perspective


In this talk he will reflect on lessons learnt through developing and evangelising Eclipse-based open-source technologies for Model-Based Engineering for more than a decade now. He will focus on different states of maturity and practice he has encountered in industry, on the external perception of Eclipse-based MBE technologies, and on opportunities and challenges involved in bridging heterogeneous open-source and proprietary MBE tools.

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