EMF-IncQuery is introduced in Eclipse newsletter

This month, the Eclipse newsletter is focusing on Eclipse Modeling, therefore, IncQuery Labs was invited to contribute to this issue. Finally, we decided to provide an overview of EMF-IncQuery. Here you can read the article and more about Eclipse Modeling.

The relation between OCL and graph patterns (pun intended)

My previous introductory blog posts talked about the importance of modeling, the concept of model queries (with OCL and EMF-IncQuery) and model evolution. Now it is time to give a glimpse into my research: translating OCL expressions to graph patterns, so that incremental evaluation techniques (see EMF-IncQuery) developed for graph patterns can be applied to queries formulated in OCL.

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Change or die: model queries on evolving models

...the only constant

Modeling and model queries were discussed in my previous blog posts. Now it is time to turn our attentions towards a great challenge: that of evolving models.

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A primer to model queries

Models are not black holes

The principle of model-driven engineering (MDE) was discussed in my previous blog post. When one reads about MDE, there is a lot of talk about creating models, as if all the engineers ever do was creating models using shiny diagram editors; like "the focus of the engineering approach is to build models of the system under design, first on a high level of abstraction, then gradually approaching platform-specific design decisions", and so on. One could even start to believe that models are some kind of information theory black hole: information is only put in, but never comes out. Well, this is not the case.

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Modeling... why bother?

Modeling in software engineering... why bother?

When I first heard about modeling in software engineering, I was quite skeptical. After all, why bother to create models first, when one can jump right into coding the software?

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